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Your License Plate May Have Been Scanned!!!

Happy Friday folks!
While driving down a busy highway, minding your own business, trying to not get ran over, you license plate was more than likely scanned by a private company.  This company, “Vigilant Video” out of Livermore California, scanned over 550,000,000, yes, 550 million license plates here in the United States.  This didn’t only occur on highways either… shopping malls, main streets, parking garages, etc.  The reason they were scanning these license plates was good, to help lower crime rates, help locate stolen cars, and at shopping malls, to help locate shoplifters.  So why is this a privacy issue?  When they get your license plate, they also have a time, date, and location of where you were.  This is a clear invasion of privacy, because this data can be mined to create a database of where you travel, what stores you frequent, and can even track you whereabouts.  That is an issue for me.
The most valuable commodity in the world today is information.  The more information you have on people, the more valuable you are.  Let’s go back in time and see an example of what I mean.  J. Edgar Hoover, the first director of the FBI, was known for having damaging information on people who were in power.  J. Edgar would mine data through the use of undercover agents, illegal wiretaps, and whatever other means were necessary.  For more on this, search for “Cointelpro.”
Even back then, information was a very valuable commodity, and it has only become more valuable since!  So, do you want your data to become part of a database for some private company to use for whatever they choose?  I sure don’t!
I believe that the police should have more help than they do to catch criminals; however, I am not willing to give up my privacy for some private company to make a buck.
Thank you for reading!
Protect your information, protect yourself; Coffee is brewing people, it is time to wake up!!!

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