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A Tool To Clean Your Social World

Happy Hump Day Folks!

Wouldn’t it be great to know that all of your social networking profiles were clean from those annoying apps? Well, you are in luck! A new site “www.mypermissions.org” will take you directly to each of your social sites’ application settings pages. Why is this important? How does this site work? Both great questions, with two simple answers. This is important because the more and more you play with your smart phone, or surf the web, you will be asked to use your social network to login, “to make things easy, login using Facebook.” Take a look at the bottom of every post here on my site. There are a ton of social network plugins that allow you, my faithful readers, to share my ideas, opinions, and rants, to your friends, (by the way, I do truly appreciate those who tweet and Facebook share my site… thank you!) You see, social networking is taking over the way we function in life. The company you work for probably has a social networking site, and may even have an internal social network as well. The more and more we allow applications and websites that allow us to login using social networking credentials, the more privacy we give up.
To the other question, how does this work? This site is simple, you go to the site, look for the social network site you belong to, click it, and then you find yourself at the login screen for that site. Once you log in, you will see what apps you are allowing to see your information. Oh yeah, it’s free. They make money the same way I do, by utilizing click-through adds. So, “mypermissions.org” is a free site that simply redirects you to your social network site’s application settings. With all the changes recently hitting Facebook, locating this page can be tough.

Like I always say:

Protect your information, protect yourself; Coffee is brewing people, it is time to wake up!!!

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