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FIRE, FIRE, Kindle Fire could burn your privacy!!!

Source: Amazon.com

Happy hump day!

Fire, as in Amazon’s Kindle Fire, is a huge hit with consumers.  According to an Amazon press-release, they are selling almost a million of these tablets per week.  So what is the Kindle Fire?  It is a cheap ($200) Android based tablet.  This is most comparable to a very cheap knock off of the Samsung Galaxy.  There is a feature on the Kindle that is not present on any other tablet though… everything you do goes through Amazon’s servers… and I mean EVERYTHING!

So, you are a business traveler, away from your wife for a long period of time, and you decide to use your Kindle Fire to look at some adult movies or pictures, guess what?  Everything you just looked at is now stored on Amazon’s servers.  “Amazon Silk also temporarily logs web addresses — known as uniform resource locators (“URLs”) — for the web pages it serves. We do not associate these URLs with your identity, and we generally do not keep this information for longer than 30 days,” yet you will receive suggestions for books, movies, websites, that relate to your previous browsing… How is the information not associated with your identity?  There are some workarounds; however, I am still leery about these.  Supposedly, you can use the internet browser in “off-cloud” mode, which simply means you will use your own internet (think WIFI) connection, go directly to the websites you are looking for, and “generally” bypass the Amazon cloud.  Again, I am leery about this, simply because of the “generally” statement in the terms & conditions for the web browser.

To be fair to the Kindle Fire, it is a great product, but it has flaws, like all great products when they first come out.  This post is not a review of the Fire; it is an awareness post regarding the privacy flaws.  Please read the terms & conditions of any device like these, as it will clearly tell you how they are going to invade your privacy in order to make your life better…

Protect your information, protect yourself; Coffee is brewing people, it is time to wake up!!!

The Kindle’s Silk Terms & Conditions:


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