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Do You Monitor Your Credit

ID Thief (source: creditscore.net)

We know that we need credit monitoring, right?  If you didn’t know, you do now!  So what do we need to look for in a monitoring service?  Today, we will discuss the traits that are good, the ones that are bad, and the ones that are simply ugly.


Is the brand clearly stated?  Did you know that “freecreditreport.com” is actually Experian?

What do you get for your monthly fee?

You should get at least:

  • Bureau monitoring (all 3)
  • ID Theft Insurance
  • Ease of use
  • Credit Alerts for:  Credit inquires, new accounts, public records, address changes, changes in account information


Brand Recognition:  Have you ever heard of the brand?  Did you see it on TV? Email?

Begin with trusted sources, research the companies, read all terms and conditions

Do you trust the brand?  Did you know that Life Lock’s CEO (the guy that puts his SSN on TV) has had his identity stolen more than once? (http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2008/05/lifelock-sued-a/)


I have nothing against LifeLock, just that they can't protect their own CEO



Scammers:  ID Monitoring Services do not send out mass emails for the marketing, they use really horrible TV commercials with obnoxious jingles to help sell their brand.  Scammers are the ones that spam out emails.  Don’t go off an email to get your protection

“We Can Remove ALL Your Personal Details Off The Internet” – This is totally bogus.  This is not possible, as no one company has access to every server out there.  For instance, if someone asked me to remove something off my Blog, I can tell them “NO” or “Sure, for a fee.”  Plus, Google has everything out there cached on one of their 4,000,000 servers… I think Google has more information than the government does… That is for another post!


In conclusion, credit monitoring is very important, and should be one of the expenses that you gladly pay.  Since we are all internet junkies, we made it possible for hackers and other criminals to steal something that we never really had to worry about before.  Now it is up to us, the very people who put our information on the net, to protect it.  Happy New Year Folks!!!


Protect your information, protect yourself; the coffee is brewing people, it is time to wake up!!!


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